Most frequent questions and answers

Vincah is a highly professional and proficient animation company that specializes in the production of explainer videos and motion graphics for companies, websites, and individuals, for a wide range of purposes including commercial and training purposes among others.

We create relevant Video Content, From 2d Animated Explainer Videos to Educational videos, 3d product visualization, white board animation, more. We offer premium video content tailored for your business and marketing objectives.
We can help you find out which video your business needs.

The cost is primarily related to the length, style, and complexity of the video. Our 2d explainer videos can range from US$1000 to US$3000, whiteboard videos US$400 to US$2000 3d product visualization US$1000- US$50000

    Explainer video is one of the major key to so many business success stories (Dropbox, twitter ,Apple Etc) . The major challenge is creating a video with the guarantee that it will convert maximum number of target audience for businesses. And we have the solution at vincah with our organized level of work process, producing the maximum level of conversion.

Kindly check this link to see our process,


We send a contract and once the 70% upfront payment has been made we begin the video production and a final 30% payment after the video is completed and approved by the client


The video creation takes about 2-4 weeks depending on the complexity and time of the project,

For our Nigeria clients we offer bank transfer and debit card payment while our International clients we offer credit card or debit card payment, ACH (USA companies)

NOTE, we don’t currently accept paypal and bitcoin or any other payment.

Great! We have a professional script writer that has experience in writing top notch sales script for various types of video. Perhaps, if you send us a script you, we can proofread it and make it merge  the objective you are seeking for.

You will definitely have the full right on the final video, you simply use it wherever and whenever you want.