How we work

Driven by the quest for excellence in project management, our task for each project is executed with a concerted effort by our team and done within a reasonable brevity of time− usually between a week or two.


Our team are expert in today’s marketing, and we know the key words and tips to boost and attract more clients and audience to your company. When the script is published we share it with you for your approval. However, if you have a script with you and you don’t want to have any form of editing, we will be honored to accept and go along with your project.


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VO / Sound Effect

Vincah has contacts of professional voice- over artistes ranging from different countries around the globe. North America, British/ Irish, Australian/ New Zealand, West Africa, East Africa, south East Asia (India, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka so on.) The various voice artistes will make your video sound professional. We will also seek your permission in approving of the voice-over before finality


This is where every step in video analysis is brought to life.The animation will be done with excellent and productive reviews

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